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Amazing Grace II
Beneteau 50

Cruising in Comfort and Safety

Nothing is more important than the safety of my family.

Amazing Grace II has demonstrated her safety in all sorts of circumstances. At anchor, in two foot chop, getting out of the dinghy onto the stern is hugely important. In the open ocean in rough weather the ability to reef the sails from the cockpit has been invaluable. Combining this with a truly livable boat that is comfortable is an amazing feat. In my opinion the quality of a Beneteau is unsurpassed. A truly wonderful boat!

Sturdy Rig thats Easy to Sail

"I can sail this boat... It's easy."
Corwin, age 10

Amazing Grace II has proven to be an easy to sail boat. My children started sailing her at age 9. With new (2012) standing rigging and a new furler for the jib she is ready to explore the far reaches of the world.

Important Features

The features that were the most important didn't show up until we had lived aboard and cruised for awhile.

Things turn up that I find amazing after five years. How the designers and builders managed to get so much quality into a single boat design is truly stunning. For example:
  • Enough engine access to replace motor mounts and the transmission without pulling the engine out.
  • Two sources of air flow in each head.
  • Sufficient storage for 6 months of food.
  • Fiddles and hand holds in all the right places.
  • A pump to drain the fridge.