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Amazing Grace II
Beneteau 50

What are the best features of this boat?

Top of this list is the overall livability of this boat. It is bright and cheerful on the inside. The galley has lots of counter space and a big trash can. We have had 11 folks eat at the table. 95% of the time you are at a destination and what makes a boat a fun time is its livability. This is a super boat to live on.

The easy dinghy access on the transom is also very important. On a nice day it is not such a big deal to bring the dinghy up beside the side of a sailboat and climb up a ladder and over the rail. This makes a difference when it is not so nice. We were anchored off of Hope Town in the Bahamas. On the way out to the boat a squall line moved in on us. It just didn't seem that the squall was that close when we left the protected harbor in the dinghy but it was moving a lot faster than we expected. Our choice was to turn around and see if we could make it back into the harbor, and hope that the boat would be alright, or keep on going. By the time we got to Amazing Grace II it was blowing 35 and 3 to 4 foot white caps. It was a little bit tricky getting onto the transom but not difficult. The boat produced a tiny calm patch right behind it, just big enough to pull the dinghy into. I was glad to be back on the boat and to put out more scope! If we had to climb up the side I would not have even tried. I would have turned around.

Queen size beds. Big enough to comfortably sleep in. You spend more time sleeping than most other things in life. Safe passages require good sleep.

Three Heads. Waiting to use the head is just not nice.

Full separate shower. This keeps the water out of the rest of the boat and makes it easy to keep the heads clean.

Air Conditioning and a generator big enough to run the AC at anchor. It is incredibly pleasant on a really hot summer day to duck below and relax out of the heat.

Light air sail boat. Fun to sail when it is only blowing 10 knots. I would much rather be out on a light air day when the sea state is mild. There are more light air days than heavy too.

A really comfortable cockpit. It is even big enough to lay down and sleep in it. This is good for naps after you arrive.

Enough hand rails and fiddles to safely move around the boat when it is under sail.

Good air flow. Good air flow when tied to a dock. Good air flow when anchored.