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Amazing Grace II
Beneteau 50

Bilge Pumps

We replaced all of the electric bilge pumps in 2010. Also I added a pump under the motor that is on a manual switch and a bilge high water alarm system. The alarm will sound for either the bilge or under the engine. The alarm has a disable switch in the engine room and is powered off of the starter battery. It has its own 2A fuse in the switch box in the engine room. Spare fuses are inside the switch box. The engine can take raw water from under the engine via a valve. The 3700 GPH bilge pump has a switch that allows either the house or the starter battery to power it.

Switch Box in the Engine Room.

From the top, the switch box.

The diaphragm pump (Bilge 1) and the bilge alarm.

The 2000 GPH automatic bilge pump (Bilge 2). ALso shows the 3700 GPH high output bilge pump (Bilge 3 - in Engine Room - Can take power from either house or starter battery).