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Amazing Grace II
Beneteau 50

Dual Fule Filters

Our first year we changed the fuel filter system from a single fuel filter to a dual. It can be switched with the motor running at idle. We added a vacuum gauge that shows when the fuel filter is clogged. The dual system has been a life saver! Also there is a pump so that you can use the system as a fuel polishing tool.

Also we have been adding additive to the diesel so that fungus will not grow in it. This has resulted in clean filters even after hundreds of hours of run time.

To set up and use the fuel polishing system.

  1. Switch the 2 Y valves to point to the bow of the boat - Marked in Purple.
  2. Open the output valve for the polishing system - Marked in Green.
  3. Connect the 12 volt power to the pump (white outline) using the 12 volt cord to the batteries.
  4. The fuel is flowing through the second filter - marked in Blue.