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Amazing Grace II
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Solar Panels

One of our best boat system decisions was to put two large solar panels on the boat. We had an arch built specifically to support the panels. The panels are 60" by 40". They produce 420W. They are set up with an intelligent charge controller that at peak we have seen produce 30A.

Our second trip to the Bahamas we had problems with the generator. It was not really serious. The bearing on the generator raw water pump went out. Later, much later, I replaced the entire pump. For 4 and 1/2 months we lived completely off of the solar panels without difficulty.

Since putting the panels on we have used shore power to charge our batteries twice. Once when we replaced the house batteries and once when we had 4 days with really cloudy rainy weather. Other than that all of our 12V power has come from the sun for 4 years.

Solar panels on the custom arch.

Solar panels on the custom arch.