Myrtle Beach, SC to Beaufort, NC July 2008

Date: 01 July 2008

There was a very interesting bird In the marina we were at in Myrtle Beach. She had decided to have her nest in a planter!!

We went off shore out into the ocean to move from SC to NC. We sailed for about 5 hours and motored the rest of the time. We left Myrtle Beach at around 11:00am and arrived near Beaufort at about 8:00am. Being on watch made me very tired. I was on watch from 9:00pm until 1:00am. I saw one boat before it became dark. After that I didn’t see any more boats until dawn. I woke up at 5:30am and drove the boat for one more hour. Then Philip and I anchored off of a beautiful National Park. It is located near Cape Lookout, NC. This was July 3.

The beach there is awesome. It has the most shells of all the beaches we have been to! Lots and lots of live sand dollars too. They were huge. We couldn’t find any dead ones so we didn’t add any to our collection. It was a busy anchorage. On July 4 we got to see fireworks that individuals were setting off. It was fun watching from our boat. We spent three days and two nights here. We saw two sea turtles and jelly fish. Fortunately the jelly fish seemed to be in the deep water, We had fun wading and swimming in the shallow waters.

We are now in Beaufort, NC. They have an awesome museum here that is free. We had time for a short trip yesterday. Today we plan on going for longer. The museum is about the marine time environment.

We also visited the fort in Beaufort.

Tomorrow we plan on going to Oriental, NC.