Beaufort, NC to Manteo, NC July 2008

Date: 04 July 2008

We left Beaufort and spent four days at Okaracoke, (sp?) NC. The only way to Okaracoke is by plane or boat. The island has a rustic feel with beautiful beaches. Someone voted their beaches the fifth most beautiful in the world. The surf was awesome. It was from the storm Bertha. We were at dock that was right across from the National Park Service.

The kids went to three lectures that they gave. They talked about pirates and sea turtles. Okaracoke is the place where they caught and killed the pirate Black Beard. Corwin enjoyed the Black Beard museum. Chantelle was able to adopt a pony from the NPS. The horse’s name is Spirit. We were able to go out to the pen where they keep all 30 of the horses. They use to be wild on the island, but they penned them up due to heavy car traffic and erosion.

Now we are in Manteo, which, I think, is home to a school for media arts. Saturday night we went and saw student films in the park. It was free and they even gave us lawn chairs. The park is very close to where we are now. They have all sorts of free plays to attend this week. Due to weather (the wind is blowing the wrong way for us – we need to cross a sound) we are staying the week here. We signed the twins up for sailing school this week. I think they each get to go out by themselves in a small sailing boat. This is a picture of Corwin in his boat.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Kitty Hawk to see the Wright Brother Memorial. It was amazing to see that part of our history.

We also went to the Elizabethian Gardens.

Now we are going to head to the local library. It is within waling distance of our boat. The Manteo library lets you check out books for free. We need to get more audio books to listen to. The kids listen to them on their Ipods while we are under way. We traveled 9 hours to get to Manteo from Okaracoke. So the books give them something to do. It’s too bumpy to sit down below while the boat is under way.