At Norfolk, VA August 2008

Date: 01 August 2008

After Manteo, NC we spent two days to get to just outside of Norfolk, VA. The city was Chesapeake, VA. We tied up at a free dock for two nights.

It was here that we met a wonderful family with two daughters. This is the first cruising family we have met. The daughters are Kristen (8, almost 9) and Danielle (11). My kids really enjoyed playing with them and we enjoyed visiting with the parents Kelly, and Deb. So we spent the next three days with them.

We went through the naval base at Norfolk, VA on our way to Hampton Roads. It was interesting seeing the submarines going right past us. We also saw large container ships.

We went to the Maritime museum near Hampton Roads, VA. We only had two hours, which was not nearly enough time. There were three wings to the museum. One on the Civil War ship the Monitor. They actually have pieces of this iron clad on display. Another wing was on the Chesapeake Bay area and the last wing was on the history of navigation. We spent most of our time studying the Monitor as the children have been studying the civil war.

The next day we went to Ft. Monroe. This Ft. is interesting as it is located inside of an Army base. It is the Ft. that they put Jefferson Davis in after the war. This is a picture of Corwin in the room where he was kept. They hung the U.S. Flag on the wall for Jefferson Davis to look at.

Our final day together we went to the Virgina Air and Space museum.

The following day we spent five hours on a day sail. We were trying to head North, but the wind was against us the whole way. We were under sail and not ‘going very fast. So we headed back and anchored next to Ft. Monroe! It’s very close to the marina we stayed at with the other family.

Yesterday we left at 6:30am and made it to the Oliverson Marina. I don’t know which town it’s near, but it is in Virginia. We took today off and ran to the grocery store. This is a very lovely place. They have a pool, loaner cars (3), and a club house. They actually have a stove, refrigerator and grills for our use. I plan on using the oven and making some casseroles. I haven’t done this since winter as it makes the boat too hot. It will be nice to have a change in our menu. This marina is also very affordable at 300$ for a month.

Tomorrow we start school until the end of August. Then we are heading to Washington, D.C.