From D.C. to Oliversons Marina Septemter 2008

Date: 01 September 2008

We got back about two days ago from D.C. We were in D.C. for about two weeks at anchor. It was a great experience.

The following is the list of museums we went to:

The National History Museum: It has a wonderful butterfly pavilion. I like it better than the one in Denver as it has more butterflies in it. They are very easy to see and all of managed to have a butter fly land on us. The kids enjoyed seeing the bugs.

The Natural History Museum also has the Hope Diamond, which is one of the largest diamonds in the world.

The National Air and Space Museum: We spent two days at the one on the mall and took a bus ride out to the one by the airport. They have awesome IMAX films, many of which are 3D. All sorts of original planes are here. The first helicopter to fly around the world, the first hot air balloon to go around the world, one of NASA’s shuttles, an Air France super sonic plane, etc. This is a picture of Space Ship One (the first private airplane to go into outer space) and The Spirit of Saint Lewis (Charles Lindbergh’s plane).

The American Indian Museum: A wonderful collection from many Indian tribes in North and South America.

The Muppets Display: A collection of Jim Henson’s creations.

We walked by the White House, the Lincoln Monument, World War 2 Monument, The Marine Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial, Arlington, and Washington Memorial. We could see Washington Memorial from our anchorage.

The National Museum of Art: We saw Rembrandt, Van Ghoes, and Monet’s. All very beautiful paintings. We also went a Museum of Modern Art.

We viewed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We walked through two sculpture gardens, and a butterfly garden.

We went to the BLM museum, which had a much better gift shop for Indian artifacts than the American Indian Museum.

We went and saw them print out money.

Finally we visited the Capital.

We would love to go next year and see Mt. Vernon, and Fort Washington. They are both accessible by boat.

Washington D.C. is a great place to anchor. Everything is within walking distance. We took the subway to go to Arlington, and the bus to Air Museum. There is a Safeway’s about three blocks away.

We are at here for about three more days then off again. We plan on going to Solomon, MD and then Cambridge, MD.