At Oliversons heading South November 2008

Date: 01 November 2008

We are here at Oliversons much later than we thought we would be. We thought we were going to be gone by the week before Halloween. However, Philip became once again employed. He set up this marina’s accounting system on Quick Books and installed Dock Master for them. Dock Master keeps track of all of the boats in the marina and the rental cost of each.

We are also waiting for the Bimini and dodger for our boat. It’s an enclosure over the cockpit to keep the rain and sea water off of you, We bought our boat without one. Now, heading South, it will be nice to keep out of the weather. We are also getting a cushion for our couch redone.

Our kids enjoyed Halloween here.

People at the dock handed out treats and afterwards they had a clam roast. The food was great and the kids received way too much candy.

On Halloween night we went to Reedville. It reminded me of when I went trick or treating in Texas. We didn’t have to wear long johns or coats. Many of the houses were nicely decorated.

We are looking forward to going South where the weather is warmer. We’ve been using the electric heater. It keeps our main living area livable. Maybe some day we will install a diesel heater, which would heat the entire boat. We are going to put in insulation this winter once we get to Georgia.