Winter 2008/Spring 2009 at Jekyll Island, GA

Date: 01 February 2009

We’ve been at Jekyll Island, GA for three months. Time spent here is wonderful. We’ve done more bicycle riding and beach walking this year than last. Of course Corwin’s leg isn’t broken!!

I’ve spent my time schooling the kids. We achieved the goal of getting ahead in school. They are now well into 5th grade (except for spelling – They are still in 4th.) So we don’t have to do any school when we get to the Bahamas. However, we are still going to do math. If we take time off from math, they forget too much.

The kids are having a wonderful time here. We met a wonderful Canadian family last November. Their kids are a 6 year old boy, an eight year old girl and an eleven year old girl. They have spent every afternoon playing with each other. This has given the adults time to do other things.

I’ve also helped around the boat. I’ve learned the joys of varnishing!! We have two exterior hand rails that I have varnished. I’m on coat number 10 and plan on two more layers. Other than that I help Philip with his projects. I also got my ham radio Technician license. I need to get my General license before I can use our ham radio. I plan on taking the test this summer.

Philip has improved our navigation by adding AIS to our chart plotter. A chart plotter is a GPS system that shows where we are on the water. AIS tells you all of the big commercial ships that are out on the water with you. It tells you the name of the ship and what direction it is going. He is also adding a water maker. It changes salt water into drinkable water. The biggest change Philip made to the boat was insulation. He spent 11 days putting it in and it was worth all the effort. Last winter we froze here. We wore our ski coats, hats and gloves. It gets down to the low 30′s at Jekyll Island. This year we wore a sweater. Our boat was comfortable at around 70 degrees. Of course we had an electric heater warming the boat up. Before we leave Philip is going to install fans for the coming summer. Philip also got certified for Scuba diving. Now we can clean the bottom of our boat for ourselves. Phlip also hopes to pass his refrigeration license. That way he can maintain our air conditioning system and refrigerator ourselves.

We’ve also spent time organizing our boat and provisioning for the Bahamas. When we leave for the Bahamas I don’t know how often I’ll be around the Internet. We plan on being in the Chesapeake in May. So I’ll try and email everyone then.