Heading South to Bahamas March 2009

Date: 01 April 2009

We’ll were definitely back in the groove of cruising. Our plans are always in a state of flux. It makes life interesting to see what will happen next.

We left Jekyll about a week ago and went back to Cumberland Island. There we saw a wild turkey, and dolphins fishing. They scare the fish up next to the shore and then eat them.

Horses also roam this island. What a joy to see this animals roaming freely.

We also went on a bike ride on the island. As I was coming back to where our boat was, I found an alligator right in the middle of the road!!

We also saw the ruins of the Thomas Carnegie mansion. He was Andrew Carnegie brother. The family, at one time, owned 90 percent of the island. Then they donated it to the National Park Service. There is one remaining mansion on the island. It is 29,000 square feet. Unfortunately the house was not open for touring when we were there.

While at anchor we met some friends from Jekyll Island. They had their daughter Ellie with them. It was great seeing her one last time.

We stayed four days at Cumberland. This was because the weather was not right for us to go offshore and the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine, Fl. was closed for four days for repairs. So we couldn’t make it down the ICW. Tomorrow we will be in the Titusville, FL area.