In the Bahamas May 2009

Date: 01 May 2009

We are in our 6th day in the Bahamas. We are really enjoying ourselves. I like the fact that there seems to be many more anchorages available than on the ICW. Often times we had to do long days to get to a nice anchorage when we were traveling up and down the East Coast. I also enjoy that we are traveling only about 5 to 6 hours a day.

Day1 In the Bahamas: Our passage from Lake Worth, FL to West End, Bahamas was a pleasant one. The seas were two to three feet and the wind was about 10 knots an hour from the South, South East. None of us felt sick. We arrived in West End around 2:00pm. We spent the night at the marina there. It was a resort. We enjoyed playing table tennis, wading in the ocean, and swimming in their nice pool. We also got to see someone get married. While we were there we saw a sting ray in the ocean and several live conchs. (big shelled animals)

Day 2: We left West End for one of the many islands in the Bahamas. Our next stop was Mangrove Cay. We went swimming off of our boat. The transom (the back of the boat) is really set up for getting in and out of the ocean. This is the first time since we have started our journey that we have been able to swim off of our boat. We enjoyed snorkeling and seeing the plant life. We were the only boat at anchor.

Day 3: We went to our next destination – Great Sail Cay. It was here that Corwin realized that there were no city lights or other boats. We also saw our first large fish – about a foot or so.

Day 4: Allen Pensacola Cay was our next stop. About an hour after we had anchored, some men came up to us asking us if we had extra gas available. In exchange they gave us about two pounds of a fish called Grouper. We had a wonderful dinner that night. They also have us a lovely conch shell.

Here Philip discovered that we were missing zincs on the bottom of our boat. Zinc plates are added to the bottom of boats to help prevent corrosion of the propeller and other metal on the boat. So Phllip took out his scuba gear and dove on the bottom of the boat. While he was down he saw a 6 foot black tipped shark. We all went snorkeling here. Corwin chased Barracudas. Chantelle also saw two Barracudas.

Day 5/6: We went to the marina at Spanish Cay. For the price, It is probably the nicest marina we have ever been to. It has a wonderful pool and the ocean is a very short walk.

We walked to the ocean and snorkeled in the open ocean. It was a very different experience swimming through the ocean swells. We saw many fish, and fan corrals. We are the only boat with people aboard at this marina. We have seen many different fish from the side of our boat here. We saw a shark, small minnow type fish, and several different 1 foot fish. We walked the mile to the island airport. It was an easy walk and I enjoyed seeing the local plants and animals.

I don’t know when I can email again. So …. until next time.