Leaving the Bahamas June 2009

Date: 30 June 2009

We are at Manjack Cay at the Southern Anchorage. A couple of days ago we were at the Northern anchorage. We feel this is the nicest place we have seen in the Bahamas. There is an area there called Lincoln Park. The water is shallow and people go and feed the sting rays. We were told that the sting rays will eat out of your hand. We didn’t get that experience. While the sting rays were being fed, five foot sharks showed up to join the meal.

While there we saw a sea turtle and discovered several coral heads. The fish were amazing to watch. We found a conch on the ocean floor called a Horse Conch. People make conch horns out of these. Now each of the kids will have one.

This is a picture of the land by the anchorage.

At the Southern Anchorage we caught up with our friends aboard the boat Gromit. The kids have enjoyed spending time with them. Another rain storm came through and we filled our water tank again (pass number 4), did our laundry and took showers. The bugs have come out so it’s time for us to head North. Three days ago we put up our screens to keep the flys out. Now the mosquitoes have come to visit as well.

I don’t think I’ll find Internet access for some time. So I don’t know when I’ll be emailing next. Happy Sailing.