In Manteo, NC July 6, 2009

Date: 06 July 2009

We are now in Manteo, NC. After the Bahamas we went to Ft Pierce, FL to fix our autopilot. This is a device that steers the boat for you once you have told it what direction to go in. It was damaged by fresh water in the Bahamas. Fortunately for us it was an easy fix. Philip had to reconnect some wires that had corroded.

We then went from Ft Pierce up to Jekyll Island, GA. It took us about 30 hours out on the ocean to get to GA. We spent three days there cleaning the boat and getting supplies. We then went out on the ocean again and went to George town, SC.

We enjoyed walking on the river walk here.

We spent two wonderful days on the Waccama river. It is very quiet and beautiful here.

From George town we went to Lookout Bight, NC. This was also done off shore. Of all the beaches we have been to, this beach is the best one for shelling. All different kinds of shells are here. We also saw a large sea turtle from the boa (Loggerhead). We looked at the wild horses on the neighboring island.

We also visited the lighthouse here.

The next few days we spent getting to Manteo. Today we will visit the museum here and hopefully see a musical performance. We hope to be at Oliverson’s marina in about a week. Take care.