Vist to Baltimore/Annapolis August 2009

Date: 01 August 2009

It’s been about 5 weeks since we left the Bahamas. Since my last email from Oliversons we have done some exploring of the Chesapeake Bay. We left here and went to Baltimore, Maryland. We saw a lovely 1858 wooden sailboat. It is a 250 foot square rigger in wonderful condition. They have an excellent audio tour of the boat telling you everything about it.

We also saw another diesel submarine and a coast guard cutter. We visited several of their museums. One of the best ones is the National Aquarium.

They have huge tanks with many different fish. They have an area similar to Tropical Discovery at Denver’s Zoo. It ‘s an area set up to show what the plants and animals in the jungle are like. They had a display on Jelly Fish that was interesting.

We also saw our first 4D movie here. You wear 3D glasses to get the depth perception. For the 4D stuff they do things like have it snow, or the wind blows on your face. It was a Great experience. They advertised that Polar Express will be redone as a 4D movie. I hope that we can find a place that is showing that at Christmas time.

We also saw a live dolphin show while we were there. We sat in the splash zone but didn’t get wet.

The other places we went went were the Maritime Museum and the Science Museum. The Maritime museum is a small museum that tells the history of Fredrick Douglas and Issiah Myers. Two prominent black men during the time of the civil war who lived in Baltimore, MD. The Science Museum had lots of hands on experiments for the kids to interact with. Unlike many of the other science museums we have been to, all of the experiments worked properly. That’s amazing considering how much traffic they get in their museum. We stayed at this museums dock. Besides a museum boat, we were the only boat at the dock. It was great having a private dock!!

The next place we visited was Annapolis, MD. We saw the most sail boats actually out SAILING than any other place we have been. They have a big boat show here every October. We anchored next to Quiet Park. We were able to dinghy in to this 6 acre park in Annapolis. We could have picked up the bus about a mile away. Instead we met our friends Jan and Kevin here. They live in Annapolis, but had their boat at Jekyll Island last winter. Kevin gave us an excellent tour of Annapolis. We went to the capital building. It is the oldest capital building in the U.S, It has a lighting rod on the top of the building which Benjamin Franklin installed. We stood in the same room that George Washington resigned his commission from the Army. It’s a beautiful building. The city is very charming, We walked the streets and admired the buildings. We also got to visit the Naval Academy.

We went to a museum there on model ships. The details were amazing. They were made by French POW’s. Their captors, the British, told them they could roam freely in the city that they were living in. They had to promise not to leave. So they spent their time building these amazing models. The Naval campus is very lovely with lots of greenery.

Then we went to St. Michael’s. We were able to only spend a night and morning here. We visited the Marine museums. This is the second best museum we have been to. (The best museum is the one in Hampton Roads.)

Most of the displays were hands on for the kids. They had a light house that showed how the keepers lived. They encouraged the kids to open, poke and prod everything. They showed how crabbing is done. The display on aerial photography of the Chesapeake Bay was fun to look at. The city itself remined us of Steamboat Springs, CO. Then…

We left the next day and ended up going through some rough weather. We had 10 to 12 foot seas and 50 mph winds. We were going into the wind. Amazingly none of us became sea sick in the worst part of the weather. Because of the weather, we ended up in Solomon Island. We were able to spend only one night here. I’d like to go back here next year if we can. The map showed it to be an island with several bike paths, two museums and a sailing school. We were unable to stay longer here as we needed to pick up Grandma Joyce on July 31.

I haven’t been able to email sooner as the Internet has been down (until today) at this marina. We just purchased an IPhone from Apple. With an IPhone we can tether our computer to the phone and have Internet access. This will give us about 90% coverage for all the places we travel to. (No Bahamas!) What I like best about the IPhone is that now we will be able to see the thunder storms off of the Internet. Additional information for being safe at sea.