At the Boat Yard Setember 2009

Date: 05 September 2009

We are currently in our sixth day at a boat yard. We are getting the bottom of the boat painted and some scratches in the side of the boat painted as well. It is a much nicer boat yard than the one we used in Georgia 18 months ago. The bathrooms are clean and nice. They have a washing machine and a dryer free of charge. They have a slop sink that I use to wash dishes in. They have excellent ladders.

The last boat yard had one bathroom that was absolutely terrible. We had the kids with Grandma at a hotel. So we used the hotel shower. We had to bring our own ladder to that boat yard.

The only challenge is that we don’t have any Internet at the yard. I am at the library sending out emails. We can receive email on our IPhone, but it too hard to type emails back. We plan on leaving sometime this week for DC.