Washington D.C. Fall 2009

Date: 04 October 2009

We just got back from DC. We have been at Oliversons Marina for 3 and a half days now. In that time our family has done

1.  6 loads of wash, 
*   cleaned the bathrooms, 
*   the outside of the boat has been washed, 
*   water tanks filled, 
*   oil changed, 
*   gone to the grocery store, 
*   cooked food for going South (a cake, a ham, hamburgers, and fried hamburger and onions), 
*   gone to the dentist and doctor, 
*   put away our summer clothes and got out our winter clothes, 
*   pumped and cleaned the bilge, 
*   fixed a y valve, 
*   fixed a broken door latch, 
*   sold our 10 hp outboard for our dinghy (we purchased an 18 hp to replace it), 
*   fixed an alternator problem and 
*   have done some school. Whew!!! 

We are eager to head South as the weather here has become colder. We are waiting for weather to improve. On and off there have been Small Craft Advisories for the Chesapeake Bay. This means that the wind has been gusting up to 20 or 25 knots. Today is Thursday and it looks like the first good weather day will be Monday.

We really enjoyed our second trip to DC. Last time we were there for 10 days. This time we were there for 7 days. Here is a list of the places we visited and some of the highlights . National Gallery of Art We enjoyed visiting here as we have been studying the great painters such as Rembrandt.

Smithsonian Art Gallery and National Portrait Museum There is a wonderful assortment of art here. There was some very interesting modern art. They had lovely glass work as well. I could have spent an extra day here. If we go back next year I want to revisit this museum. One day wasn’t enough.

American History Museum I finally got to see Dorothy’s slippers from the Wizard of Oz, They have two hands on sections in this museum for kids. Corwin and Chantelle got to see how a Tesla Coil works and also got to separate out some plant DNA. At the Inventors Corner they got to go an a wind surfer simulator. They also found out about PROGRAMMABLE Lego bricks. MIT has developed them. They are not available for sale yet. My kids definitely would be on of the first to buy this. We saw the original flag from FT MC Henry that inspired our national anthem.

Natural History Museum We revisited the bug zoo and were able to hold all sorts of creatures. We also revisited the butterfly zoo.

Saw Night at the Museum II in IMAX-3D This is the best movie I have seen in a long time. It was neat to be in Washington DC as this is where they filmed some of the movie. We also went to the planetarium and saw a show narrated by Whopie Goldburg.

African Art Museum We saw all sorts of wonderful art from Africa. There were lots of wood carvings and some ivory carvings.

Native American Museum (Mostly for Lunches) They have the best restaurant on the mall. We went here for lunch almost every day. We finished seeing the rest of the museum as we didn’t do it last year.

We went and saw Washington Monument at night. It is very beautiful! We also saw Jefferson Monument, and the FDR Monument. We did this all on foot. It was a good walk!

This year we made it to the Spy Museum. It’s one of the few museums that you have to pay for. My kids enjoyed learning how to be an under cover agent. They even got secret identities.

We revisited the Air and Space Museum and saw the one thing we didn’t last year. We went to the hands on exhibit where they explained what makes air planes fly. It was a wild time.

The last day that we were there we went to the Solar Decathlon. They had a solar village made up of 20 houses. We were able to attend a seminar and tour two of the houses. It’s interesting what they are doing with solar energy.

We were able to meet up with some friends that we made last year. Corwin and Chantelle enjoyed playing with Galena and Rayia. We went out to eat with them at a really good restaurant near where our boat was anchored.

We paid $70.00 to the Gang Plank marina in order to use their dinghy dock. This fee not only included dinghy docking, but use of the showers and a free dinner. They had a Dock Party for everyone in the marina. It was steak, potatoes, dessert and drinks.

We were lucky in that we were able to find an outdoor store that sold good quality outer wear. Our kids were in definite need for raincoats and sweaters.

On our way back to Oliversons, we anchored off of Mt. Vernon, the home of George Washington. We enjoyed a day of looking around this estate. The house is beautiful. It was here that my kids had to stand in there first line while visiting Washington DC.

We figure that we could go back four more times for a week each to DC and not overlap what we have seen so far. So we’ll probably go back next year for our tour of the White House!