In Manteo, NC October 2009

Date: 15 October 2009

After three days of traveling South we are now in Manteo, NC. We are actually seeing much more traffic on the waterway than we have before. It’s probably due to the fact that we headed South late last year in the cold, (The first week in November.) Even though we get jostled by the power boats going by us at warp speed, I’d rather be traveling when it’s warm. NOAA (the US government) is forecasting that this winter is going to be a cold one for the SE.

Due to bad weather we had to spend several days in Manteo, NC waiting for conditions to improve. Our first day in Manteo was spent at their museum. It’s our third visit to this museum. On this visit we were able to join some school groups and see them fire off a cannon from a boat named Queen Elizabeth II. Its a replica of the boat that sailed over here from England to found Roanoke Island.

The next day Philip rented a car and drove to Oriental, NC to pick up our pre-owned 20 hp 2 stroke outboard. We sold our 9.9 hp 4 stroke outboard in Callao, VA. Hopefully we’ll be able to plane our dinghy with the new outboard, which weighs less!

While he was in Oriental we visited the museum again. We were the only people in there and had the place to ourselves. Since it was so quiet Corwin and Chantelle were able to do all of the hands on exhibits and had a great time.

That night we went to a wonderful free performance. It was put on by the North Carolina School of Preforming Arts. It was a selection of Broadway tunes and dances. We really enjoyed ourselves.

The third day in Manteo we headed out to the light house at Cape Hatteras. At 208 feet, It is the tallest light house in the world.

On our way back we were lucky enough to see people kite boarding. They sail a kite and stand on a surf board. It looked like they were going about 30 mph. They were doing jumps in the air that were awesome!

Much to Chantelle’s delight, we found a great bead store. It had a wide selection of beads and she had a hard time deciding. I was able to finally find Croc shoes. Now that they are out of season, I’ve had a hard time finding any. We really needed them for living South.

Our last day in Manteo was spent getting our boat ready to go off shore – hopefully from Beaufort, NC to Brunswick, GA. Of course if the weather is not to our liking, we will come in to some other port.