In No Name Harbor, FL March 2010

Date: 01 March 2010

It looks like the weather will be good enough for us to leave Tuesday March 16 for Chubb, Bahama.  We are anchored at No Name Harbor. This is a state park that is only three miles from Miami.  These are buildings in Miami that we passed by on our way to No Name Harbor.

We survived the very busy weekend here. One boat came through the harbor and chopped up another boat’s anchor line.  Luckily there were people on the boat that lost its anchor.  I didn’t get much sleep Saturday night as I was afraid our boat would hit other boats at anchor. This is a picture of the other boats at anchor.

All in all, this has been a good place to be.  We took the outboard off of the dinghy and we row to shore. Chantelle loves to be the captain.

The harbor is very protected from all directions of wind.  Today, Monday, there are only eight boats in the harbor.  There is a place to do laundry and everything we need is within walking distance.  (Grocery store, bank, library, hardware store)

While we were here  we visited the light house.  The view was amazing.  You can see all of Miami and the surrounding area.  There are some very unusual houses just off of the shore.  They are built on stilts!  They were privately owned years ago, but now the Park Service owns and maintains them.  If a hurricane should blow one of the seven houses down, or they should have damage of more than 50%, then they will not be rebuilt.

We also did some schooling and more boat work!

I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to everyone’s emails.  The only Internet we have is off of our IPhone.  It’s hard to type messages into it.  We went to the nearby resturant to access their Wyfi.  They weren’t too excited about us doing it, so now we have made a trip to the library.

From Corwin:  This place is nice.  But it’s busy on the weekend making it very hard to get to land.  Land is only about 200 yards away!  We rowed our boat to the quay as we didn’t want anyone to steal our dinghy.  If we were to put the 20hp motor on it, there would be a higher chance of it being stolen.  Tomorrow we are leaving for the Bahamas.  I can’t wait to get there and go swim with the fish.  I hope the trip is easy like last time.  Last time I took the watch from 7:00am until 11:00am. No one else was awake. I woke dad up when I saw land.  Mom was very mad at me that I didn’t take her shift.  We had to turn around and go in circles as we weren’t prepared to go into the marina.  We have some friends in the Bahamas.  We hope to meet up with them.