Our Visit to Andros, Bahamas March 2010

Date: 15 March 2010

We have been in the Bahamas for four days now. Three of those days have been spent moving the boat. We took some time off to spend at Andros.

There is a US Navy Base here and we have met some interesting people. We went out to eat last night and the food was both reasonably priced and good. We had conch and fish. It was nice to try some of the local cuisine. We took a walk on the beach, and visited the local lighthouse. We had fun walking to the top of the lighthouse and looking at the guns.

We also visited a batik shop. They stamp the cloth with patterns, color the fabric and make clothes all by hand. I bought a skirt. Corwin bought a shirt and Chantelle bought a dress. All in all this has been a wonderful place to visit.

This is what the back yard of the factory looks like.

The marina is reasonably priced – the cheapest we have seen so far in the Bahamas. The cost is $1.25/foot. Water is a flat $8.00/day. The Internet is free, and of good quality. Electricity is the most expensive at $25/day. However we don’t need to use it as we have both solar panels and a generator.

On our travels here we have seen a sea turtle and parrots roosting in a tree. We haven’t seen any fish yet. Hopefully that will change soon as we are headed for the Land and Sea Park tomorrow. We hope to meet up with our friends on the sailboat Passages.