Summer 2010 at Oliversons

Date: 01 August 2010

Usually when we are tied up to a dock we get lots of school done. That’s not the case here!! This place is just too much fun.

We had a wonderful Fourth of July here at the marina. Chantelle and Corwin enjoyed competing in the row boat contest. Chantelle was blind folded and was placed at the oars of the boat. Corwin directed her where to go. They were the only kid team and Chantelle was the only girl to be at the oars.

Most of the teams consisted of Dad at the oars and the child directing where to go. We had a great pot luck dinner and they provided awesome fireworks and sparklers for the kids.

We are fortunate enough to borrow a small sailboat from the marina. We did some minor repairs to it and have taken it out two times. It has about 20 feet of sail is about 11 feet in length. It’s much easier to sail than our big boat – Amazing Grace II. Today Corwin and Chantelle took it out all by themselves.

The wind was blowing about 10 knots and the water was very calm. It was fun watching them work together to get the boat clear of the docks. Then Chantelle took it out all by herself. Her reward for soloing is getting to have pizza for dinner tonight and a NO School Day.

For two years, every time we visited Washington DC by boat, Corwin has wanted to visit Ft. Washington. Well we finally made it – by car!! It took us an hour and a half instead of two days!! Although it is one of the smaller forts that we have visited, the craftsmanship that went into building it is wonderful. When we went we were the only people visiting the fort. It was interesting looking down on the Potomac as we have always seen the fort from the water way.

Chantelle now has the opportunity to get her horse fix. We met a lovely family that has a horse farm here in Callao, VA. They have 27 miniature horses that they train and take to horse shows. They gave her the chance to come over one Saturday and work with the horses. They had her drive a horse with a carriage and she ran with one of the horses through some jumps. Last weekend she went with them to one of the horse shows. Now she’s hooked and hopes to compete in the next horse show in either October or November. So she’ll have to train twice a week to get prepared for the competition. We don’t know how this is all going to work out as we hope to do some traveling via boat in the September/October time frame.

We’ve been blessed to have attended a wonderful United Methodist church here. We went to their vacation bible school for a week. Corwin and Chantelle did fun crafts and met more kids their age. I was blessed with an awesome bible study! To top it all off, they gave us dinner every night!

Overall the weather has been very hot here. We go to the pool every evening after dinner. Philip and I walk about three miles every morning early.

Our next big trip is to Maine by car. Since we hoped to take this, we purchased a new old car. It is a Toyota Camry and it has much better gas mileage than the Suburban. We hope to sell the Suburban soon. We plan on heading North at the end of August and making it all the way to the Bay of Fundy in Canada. We plan on being gone for about two weeks.

This weekend the Lodge Creek Yacht club is holding another one of their functions. So far we have been to two of them this summer. They are an amazingly good time. We get a wonderful dinner and good company. The kids are going to be in a fishing tournament. I guess we’ll have to find our poles.