Maine Fall 2010

Date: 08 September 2010

Last week Corwin had the rest of his braces installed. Hopefully by next summer he’ll be done with the Orthodontist.

We put 3,700 miles on the car for our trip to Maine. After three years we finally made it out of the South and into the North. Philip has now been in every state except for Hawaii. The high lights of our trip were Plymouth Rock, Acadia National Park, The Bay of Fundy in Canada, Boston and last but not least vising the Morse family.

There is a wonderful replica of the Mayflower ship at Plymouth Rock. The actors and actresses were very good at convincing us that they were the Pilgrims. However, we were all disappointed at the size of Plymouth Rock. It’s a small boulder, not the “Rock of Jibalter” that we expected.

We spent four days at Acadia NP. It was awesome watching the surf crash up against the rocky shoreline bordered by a lighthouse.

There were several quaint harbors where boats were moored.

All through the park there are great bike paths to walk or bike on. This is a picture of one of the bridges on the bike trails.

Here is a bench near one of the bike paths.

The beaches are made up of beautiful rocks.

Coming from Colorado, it was here that we felt like we finally saw mountains again. Cadillac Mountain (at 1,532 feet )is the highest mountain on the East Coast.

We spent two days near St. John, Canada. We found a lovely hotel right off of the beach. From our room we could watch the 28 foot tides. I finally, for the first time, was able to see a tidal pool full of a crab, fish, snails and plants. We enjoyed walking the immense beach. We also found sand dollars!!

On our way to the Bay of Fundy in Canada, we came by this marker. It shows that we were halfway between the North Pole and the Equator.

Our visit to Boston was brief. We took a walking tour of the city and learned about some of its history. The buildings are wonderful to look at and the people seem friendly. This building is one of the older buildings in downtown Boston.

We also went to the site of where the elementary school used to be. The only thing that remains from the school is this part of the sidewalk.

One of the buildings that we went into was Paul Revers house. At around three hundred years old, it’s a small house that is in excellent shape

Numerous statues were through out the city.

.On our way to Acadia, we spent a weekend with the Morse family. We really enjoyed visiting with Faith, Boyd, Nicole and Paul. We also enjoyed Faith’s cooking!!

They were kind enough to take us out on their sail boat for the day. We went to an island named Jewel. It used to be a military base but is now abandoned. Going up the watch towers was well worth the effort. The view was awesome. It was neat to be able to walk through the forest.