Children’s Poems

Date: 29 November 2010

An Antelope on a Ski Slope

I felt like a dope
As I saw the antelope go down the ski slope
Have I gone crazy
or was I just lazy
I was on the ski slope
Should I chase after that antelope
Or should I just feed it a cantaloupe
Does an antelope even like cantaloupe
Then I woke up from my dream
And Now I have a motto for my dream
And this is my motto
If you see an antelope on a ski slope feed it a cantaloupe

By Chantelle Schlump

The Dentist

An appointment with the dentist
Who said, “Now open wide”
And once he’d pried my jaws apart
He deftly jumped inside

He mountaineered over molars
Trampolined on my tongue
Then quickly jumped back out and out again
And said “That’s it, you’re done”

By Corwin Schlump