A Story by Corwin

Date: 30 November 2010

This is a story Corwin wrote when he was in the 3rd grade.

The Talking Rainbow

The Talking Rainbow has always talked to me. It talks to me in color.

I used to live in Colorado. I looked out my window and saw the color red. Red was for my strawberries in my garden.

Purple was for the lilacs in my yard.

Blue was for my blueberries in the bushes.

Yellow was for my sunflowers in the sun.

Green was for the grass on Green Mountain.

Then my family planned to move to a boat. All I could see were the grey clouds covering my Talking Rainbow.

But the colors followed me. Now I see new things. Grey turned from the color of clouds into playful dolphins.

Green is for trees along the shore.

The color yellow is for the sun shining down on me.

Blue is for the color of my boat.

Purple is for the brilliant sunsets.

Red is for the crab pots in the ocean.

The color orange turned into the yummy oranges I eat.

Now I know that wherever I go the Talking Rainbow will follow me.