On the Road to WY

Date: 06 March 2011

Yes! We have finally returned to our roots. We took four days and drove from Callao, VA to Laramie WY. As I am typing we are having a winter snow storm. Within the next 24 hours we will have between 5 to 8 inches of fresh, fluffy snow. This is great news for us since we hope to be on the ski slope sometime this week. We even own all of the ski stuff that we need!

Our first day of the road trip we drove from Callao, VA to West Virginia. The rolling hills/mountains of Virgina and West Virgina were awesome. As we were driving along we realized that we were in the area of Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

An immediate stop was in order. After Cadillac Mountain in Maine, this was the best view I’ve seen on the East Coast. His house is truly amazing. All sorts of wonders, such as double paned windows and beds in alcoves, are in the house. 95% of the household contents are original. Wow!! The grounds around the house are wonderfully landscaped.

After a three hour visit we headed to our stop for the day in West Virginia.

The next day was spent driving to St. Louis, MI. Nothing that day but driving through Kentucky enjoying the view of the green hills spotted here and there with horses. So many things to do!

The third day was spent at the Arch in St. Louis, MI. We enjoyed watching the movie about how the arch was built. Then we took the ski lift type tram to the top of the arch. Since it was a work day, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. So to prove that she could do it Chantelle took one of the tram cars to the bottom alone.

Denver!! We came full circle on the fourth day. It has been three years and six months since we were last here. We had an awesome evening with our friends from before sailing – the Mincers. The next day we fully loaded the kids up with all of the ski equipment they would need from a ski shop that sold used equipment. Yep, the adults are going to use their 20 year old ski stuff. Hey, it’s only for a month. Then we hit the road for our final destination, Philip’s mom’s house.

We’ve been here a day and have done laundry, used the internet and gone to Walmart twice. Back to civilization. Now we are looking forward to the awesome skiing that is available.

In a couple of days we’ll add pictures to this post. So stay tuned.