Snow in Spring

Date: 07 April 2011

Snow, snow everywhere. With about one snow storm per week, skiing has been our main activity for the past three weeks. Snowy Range Ski Area has 27 trails, 250 acres of skiing and the elevation at the top is 10,000 feet. It is surrounded by National Forest. So far we haven’t seen any rocks sticking up out of the snow on the ski runs.

The best part is that it’s about 40 minutes from Grandma’s house. The drive, which is through the country side of Wyoming, goes past a horse ranch.

Up in the mountains the snow is quite deep. Here is a picture of us standing on top of a snow drift. There’s no dirt beneath our feet!

When we are not skiing, the kids have been pursuing some school. Since they are ahead in school (they have about 2 weeks of 6th grade left), Philip has been teaching them how to draw people. We went to the University Bookstore and bought sketch pads and books. They have spent quite a bit of time drawing and it shows. We have also been watching educational videos on subjects ranging from math to nutrition to black holes.

We also went ice skating. Because we arrived in the month of March, we didn’t get to ice skate often. The rink closes in spring time. So we only went about 4 times.

This has been a great time for me as we are not schooling. I have spent more time playing games with my kids and talking to them. Our favorite games are Monopoly and Manacala.

The best part about being here is the time we have spent with Joyce. She’s a youthful 87 years old. She works 20 hours a week at a computer lab at the University. It’s never boring with her around.

Today (April 1) we started the process of painting Grandma’s house. All of us went out and scrapped the old paint off. It reminds me of the varnish work that waits for me back on our boat.