The End of Living in a House

Date: 29 April 2011

In the month and a half that we have been at Joyce’s house, there have been so many things that I have enjoyed about being here.

Grandma’s House, from the Front.

It’s been nice to have unlimited hot water. Corwin and Chantelle have really appreciated the dish washer. Back on the boat they have to dry and put the dishes away. On the boat it seems like there are always dishes to wash. The washing machine is another luxury. Although we have laundry facilities at the marina, it’s nice to have as much time as is needed to clean the clothes. It’s also nice to be able to step out of the shower into a big room with nice, huge, fluffy cotton towels. On the boat we use small, quick drying towels.

The best part has been visiting with family and friends. We visited with too many people to list here. We appreciate the time we had with all of them. Joyce was wonderful enough to open up her home to our family and friends for visits. We love Joyce’s stories and conversations. We are sad to see our stay with her come to an end.

This Friday we begin our trek back East. We are taking a road trip through the dessert SW. Kit Peak, the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Cavern are a few of the stops we hope to make.

I don’t know if the internet will be available on our journey, so this may be the last post for some time. We hope to be in VA the 1st of June.