Yet Another Snow Storm

Date: 29 April 2011

I’d forgotten how long it takes for summer to get to this part of the world. Here it is the end of April and we ended up in another snow storm. In the first day of our journey headed for the dessert south west, we ended up following trucks and snowplows through the snow. We are now in Steamboat Springs, CO, which is about three hours away from Laramie, WY.

After settling into a suite at a hotel in the downtown area, we walked through the town discovering wonderful statues framed in snow.

Flowers in the snow, Steamboat. Under a tree freshly covered by snow, Steamboat Springs, Colorado Beside a sulpuure in Steamboat.

In spite of the snow we still plan on using the hotel’s swimming pool and hot tub. I’m thankful we have a warm room to stay in.