The start of our dessert SW Journey

Date: 09 May 2011

From Steamboat we ended up with our good friends the Crawfords. Three days was not nearly enough time to visit with them. We enjoyed the good cooking, and good friendship. The kids reconnected quickly and enjoyed their time together. Yet another birthday cake was made for Corwin and Chantelle’s 12th birthday. Chantelle was able to visit the family horses and was able to ride one.

Subway in Moab, UT was the place for the twin’s birthday celebration on May 3rd. My cousin Penelope joined us for a wonderful visit. Four awesome days were spent in Moab. Philip and I wanted to bring our kids to Philip’s childhood home. We were rewarded with “Oh, Wow” from the kids. The following are the places we visited.


Two of our days were spent viewing and hiking around huge rock arches that span from cliff to cliff. One of them, Landscape Arch, recently lost some of its rock. It is now only 6 feet wide at one spot. You can no longer hike up to this arch as they are afraid it might collapse.

Dead Horse Point

We spent three nights camping out in this state park. Even though water was not available, and we used pit toilets, the campground is a clean, quiet place. They provided picknick tables, and a flat area for our tent, which is more than we had for our future tent sites.

While at Dead Horse Point we enjoyed the magnificent view from the side a 1,000 foot cliff of the canyon area of the Colorado river. Words can not describe the scale of the landscape out here. I have stood on cliffs in the winter time and seen the curvature of the earth.

Schaffer’s Trail

After our kids saw the view from Dead Horse Point, we decided to take a four wheel drive road down into the canyon. So we rented a 4 X 4 Jeep and attempted the road. Actually, it is rated as an easy 4 X 4 road. I was amazed to find not one, but TWO pit toilets on our journey up the road!!! Nothing like our trip 22 years ago into the Maze, Canyonlands, UT. On that trip the only way we knew we were at an approved camp site, was by the 2 X 4 post planted in the ground. On that post were the words “4 Cars, 9 People.” Although the road didn’t concern Philip or I, the road really gave our kids a thrill. This road lead us into …

Island In the Sky, Canyonlands, UT

Yet another place with wonderful views that I have no words for. We enjoyed the overlooks into Canyonlands. From these overlooks, we were able to see the Maze District, which is where we spent our honeymoon.

After Moab we went to:

Newspaper Rock

Here you can see 2000 year old pictographs on a large span of rock. No one knows the meaning of these drawings, so we let our imaginations run wild. Maybe it was directions to the nearest hunting ground.

Grand Gulch

We camped on BLM land, with no services at all. Just us, the dessert and our tent. While we were there we visited one of the many ruins in this area. After a small climb we discovered the ruins neatly tucked away under a cliff. We were able to walk right up to them.

Bridges National Monument

This was our next stop. Very similar to Arches, but the bridges are formed by rivers eroding away the base of the rock. In Arches they are eroded by wind and rain. And Guess What? We experienced yet another SNOW Storm!! So tonight we are in a hotel enjoying showers and the internet.

More to Come + Pictures