A Year on The Dock

Date: 01 August 2011

Well, it’s been a year since we moved our boat. During that year we replaced our transmission with a new one, put braces on Corwin’s teeth, and took two road trips.

Upon arriving in the Chespake Bay the summer of 2010, we thought about taking the boat up to Maine. Fog and our 10 year old radar system made us think otherwise. So to go to Maine we would like to replace our radar. Instead we bought a car, which was much cheaper than a new radar system, and took a wonderful three week trip up through Maine and into the Bay of Fundy.

Our last road trip was out West to visit family and friends. While we were gone a brand new transmission was installed in our boat. Our boat was upended from stern to bow with tools and parts. I’m glad we were able to leave while this happened.

One year and two months after coming here, Corwin’s braces will come off. Although he’ll need have braces on again to straighten his teeth out, Corwin’s bite has been corrected. We have time until he needs the next round of braces… So we plan on going to the Bahamas this winter (November 2010 through May 2011).

Currently our boat is in a boat yard. It’s been two years since the bottom has been cleaned and painted.