An Earthquake and a Hurricane All in One Week

Date: 11 October 2011

We were sitting on the boat mid morning doing school when the quake happened. Sasha was the first one to notice the rumbling feeling. It felt just like the generator for our boat being turned on (except there was no motor sound). Philip poked his head out of the boat and saw that the dock was moving! No waves were visible on the water… So what could cause that? An earthquake. In a flash Philip dove back down into the boat and promptly Twittered the event.

The following days were spent preparing for hurricane Irene. We took the jib off, and tied our boat securely to the dock. Our dinghy was removed from the back of our boat and placed on the dinghy rack on land. (We still haven’t put it back on!) The sides of our canopy were taken down to reduce the amount of wind blowing on our enclosure. Everything was removed from our cockpit.

Philip spent the day/night at the marina taking care of the boat. He readjusted the lines several times. Since our boat is out at the end of a dock, it moved around quite a bit. Fortunately, during the storm Philip was on another boat at the marina that is in a protected spot.

Corwin, Chantelle and I spent the storm at the home of our good friends the Riddells. I was very thankful for a comfortable bed and a working generator. The power went out at about 11:00 am. It came back for a couple of hours and then was out for about three days.

When we came back to the boat the next day, we found a very clean boat. The rain washed away all of the dirt. We are still enjoying this blessing. Life is back to normal. Now we are preparing for traveling around the Bay (St. Mary’s, MD and Washington D.C.) In October we hope to head South to the Bahamas.