Life in a Boat Yard

Date: 15 November 2011

We came to a boat yard in Annapolis, MD to have the standing rigging (all of the lines that hold up our mast) on our sail boat checked out. Well, it turned out that ALL of the rigging needed to be replaced. What with the delays with getting all of the parts in, and weather, as of November 14 we are still in Annapolis! I’m just glad we’re getting it fixed here instead of some other country. Then we might of been stuck for a much longer time. We hope to be leaving November 15 for Oliversons for a couple of days. Then South as fast as we can.

Life at this yard is quite. We are in Gailsville, which seems to be mostly a suburb of Annapolis. Lots and lots of houses are around, but there is no grocery store or laundromat within walking distance. However, there are about two boat yards and two marinas within walking distance. The person who is working on our rigging has been generous enough to let us use his car. So we’ve done most of our provisioning of food for the next four to six month while here.

While we’ve been here we’ve enjoyed their high speed internet. Streaming off of the internet has been one of the highlights. Everything is updated, downloaded and consumed. I am now using Garage Band to learn how to play the piano. All of us are learning Spanish for our adventures farther South. The kids are spending more time on math and programming (Philip is teaching the language C) and less time on other school work. Chantelle managed to download all of the Elf Quest books and is now rapidly reading them.

A Poem by Chantelle

This is a poem Chantelle wrote while we were here:

There once was a cat
Who wore a weird hat
It hunted a rat
And was owned by a little boy named Mat

This odd little cat
With his odd little hat
Who always tracked the odd little rat
He wrote a silly poem that’s not a tome

It’s just a silly little poem in Rome
And that is all that’s in this tome