Our 3rd Trip to Washington D.C.

Date: 15 November 2011

There is so much to do in D.C. Even though this is our third visit, we left without seeing everything! The following are the new places that we visited.

Red Cross

We learned about the history of the Red Cross and toured their magnificent marble building. Built around the turn of the century, the building had a lovely interior made of maple and cherry. One of the rooms had three large stained glass windows depicting nurse’s taking care of people.

Postal Museum

Even though it was a walk from our anchorage, we had a fantastic time here. The museum has an excellent lay out for children. We enjoyed looking at the wide display of stamps. Right next door to this museum is

Union Station

The building’s design is elegant and graceful. Even though it was very busy, it was easy to navigate. It was fun looking at the shops and restaurants.

National Geographic Museum

This is one of the few museums that we paid to visit. It had an interesting display of a civilization that was around before Rome in Italy. Surprisingly there were very few photos or maps on display.


A day was spent at the Zoo. The cost was amazingly enough Free. It’s been 5 years since Corwin and Chantelle visited zoo animals. They were impressed with the lions and tigers. I enjoyed visiting the Panda bears.

Capitol Yacht Club

In our past visits, we have used the Gang Plank marina to get to shore. It’s a nice place with showers, laundry room and a grill for us to use. They even invited us to a free steak dinner. We also have met very interesting people that live full time at the marina. One of them was the Secretary for Education for Bush.

This year I finally visited the neighboring marina – Capitol Yacht Club. I now understand why most boaters use this marina. It has a great kitchen (stove, frig, dishwasher, etc) for cooking. The bar, that opens at 4:30pm, serves free soda pop through out the day. The library was set up nicely for doing computer work. It was all very posh.


We were able to meet up with my brother in law Rob. It was great catching up on what is going on with family. He was a great guide of Alexandria. Walking the streets and looking at the shops was a wonderful way to spend the evening.


Meeting Jack was a turning point in our plans for heading South. A native of Honduras, Jack was at anchor next to us in Washington D.C. On and off we’ve though about going farther South than the Bahamas. Jack told us wonderful things about Central America. Now we’re more motivated to go farther afield. Which leads to …

Boat Yard, Annapolis, MD

We have been at this Boat yard since the beginning of October getting our standing rigging replaced. Standing rigging is all of the lines that hold up a boat’s mast. We hope to be heading South by mid November with our 4 heaters on hand.