Manteo to Jekyll Island, GA

Date: 27 December 2011


After we left Manto, NC we meandered on down to an anchorage just outside of Oriental, NC.  The weather, for being out at anchor, has been awesome.  Our heaters are not missed.  Shorts and dresses are clothing of the day.  Unfortunately, the wind has been blowing from the wrong direction (south) for us to go out into the ocean.  So we will be at this quiet, remote anchorage for a total of five nights.  In the summer time this anchorage is very popular.  Right now we are the only boat here.

While here we are doing both boat projects, and school.  Yes, Philip and Corwin overhauled one of our toilets.  It’s always a messy job.  Spelling, writing, Spanish, math and reading are the courses being covered.

Hopefully, we will be able to go out into the Atlantic and be in Jekyll three days later.


Yippie!  It took us only 42 hours and we were back to our old haunts of Jekyll Island.  It’s been wonderful to see our friends again.  Dock parties, dinner parties, daily bike rides and wonderful treats from the local bakery have been our past times.  I broke my glasses up North.  So we have ordered a new pair here, where it’s warmer.  While we have been here, Chantelle has taken up the art of  whittling.  She has carved a spoon, a fish and two sand dollars.  We plan on being here through Christmas, and then heading farther South.

It’s two days after Christmas (Tuesday December 27), and we are heading South tomorrow.  We hope to be in the Bahamas on Saturday, just in time for New Year’s Eve!!

Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures to post next time.