Our Journey South – Manteo

Date: 27 December 2011

We left Oliversons’ marina after a whirl wind of activity. Yet another repair to our engine, oil change, laundry and saying our fair wells to our friends, were done.

After four days of travel we are now at Manteo, NC.  Lovely!  That is what the weather has been.  Low 50s for nightly temperatures.  So our heaters have, thankfully, been kept safely put away.  During the day we’ve been able to wear our t-shirts!  It helps that we have a complete enclosure around our cockpit.

This is a picture of us near Chesapeak, VA. The Marine Corps has a free dock for boats to tie up to for the night.

Manteo is the place to be.  Out of all the places we have been on the East Coast, this is one of our favorites.  A playground, a hands on historical museum, miles of bike paths, and a grocery store are all within easy walking distance of the marina.  Yesterday we visited the museum and learned more about the native Americans.  Here it is the end of November and we were walking around in short sleeves.

Last night we got in the mood for Thanksgiving by listening to Arlo Gutherie’s Alice’s Resterant. Afterwards we had a Thanksgiving meal that couldn’t be beat.  We’ll probably have a couple more of those before we leave here on Friday.  That’s when the weather will be right for moving the boat.