Andros, Bahamas

Date: 06 January 2012

After 73 hours of travel, we arrived here on New Year’s Eve. Corwin and Chantelle were very helpful on this trip. They both took shifts both at night and during the day. One night at 11:00 pm Corwin came and asked if I wanted him to take over. Did I? You bet. He stayed on watch until 1:00 am and then Philip took over. Both Philip and I were well rested the next day.

The first thing we saw as we approached Andros was the light house. It’s a very close to where our boat is moored.

We where sufficiently rested that we went snorkeling the same day that we arrived.

With great internet service, I’ve been downloading free piano sheet music. I should have enough to keep me busy learning all of the new pieces for the next year. Philip has enjoyed working on his computer. The kids are doing some school.

The weather has been nice enough that we have been snorkeling three times. Of course we are wearing our full body wet suits!

Here are pictures of some of the fish we saw.

And the coral as well.

We plan on being here through next week. Then we hope to head to the Land and Sea Park and on to George Town.