Off of Highborne Cay

Date: 20 January 2012

We are sitting off of Highborne Cay in the lee of the island. Our
first night here was really bumpy until the wind came around and
the waves settled. It is really nice now. Chris Parker our weather
router promised that the wind would shift at dark from north to
north east and at about 5:30, just as the sun was setting, the wind
shifted to the north east – putting us in the shelter of the island.
Before the wind shift we were seeing three to four foot seas. By
midnight it was down to six inch ripples. Very nice.

Today has been a boat work day. We splashed the dinghy and got the
motor on. Put fuel in the tank from from our 4 jerry cans. Worked on the water
maker and got it going. Went into the Highbourn Cay Marina and
refilled our 4 jerry cans and purchased a head of cabbage. It is 2:30 and
I am listening to a working water maker – being run directly from
the solar panels. It is a joyous thing – making fresh water from
the sun.

Highbourn Cay Marina is a really clean and well maintained facility
with reasonable prices for diesel and completely out of this world
prices for food. The reasonable prices were on eggs, cabbage and a
few local products. A small bottle of honey is $19.00 and a small
bottle of jelly is $14.00. I didn’t look at the menu in the restaurant
but you can just bet that it is going to be pricey. The facilities
at the marina are top rate –