Still at Highborne Cay

Date: 21 January 2012

The wind has changed to the south east. Our current ancorage is
protected from the south east. The ancorage that we were going to
move to is much less protected from the south east. So… We are
going to stay at this spot for tonight. The forcast is for the
wind to go back to the east tomorow. That means that this ancorage
will be more rolly and the one at Normans Cay will be smooth and

That is why you have to be flexible in the boating life style.
Earlier today we were thinking that we would move today. Now it
looks like will stay an extra day.

We finished filling up the diesel tanks and I went back to the
marina and filled up our jerry cans. This means that we should
have about one hundred fifty gallons of diesel on board. With the
sailing that we do 150 gallons will last us for many weeks or months.
The only real use we have for diesel is right when we take off from
anchor and then later when we re-anchor. That will not take that
much fuel. The solar panels cover our electricity needs (and that
includes making water). So as long as we sail and the sun shines
we are set.