At Cambridge Cay

Date: 03 February 2012

Our next stop was Cambridge, in the Land and Sea Park. This is our favorite place in the park. We found an area that was filled with conchs. I even saw them moving around on the ocean floor. Conchs are heavily harvested for dishes like conch salad. Most places we have been we’ve been lucky to see one or two conch at a time. Here there were hundreds of conchs since it is a protected park.

Black Point We spent several days here. It’s a lovely, small town with a small grocery store, wonderful home made bread, and one of the best laundry mats in the Bahamas. However there are some items that we hand wash.

The anchorage at Black Point is protected from all directions except from the West. We also went and visited the blow hole. Luckily the winds were blowing hard enough that we saw some water spouts.

Chantelle at the blow hole Chantelle at the blow hole.