Model boat race

Date: 23 March 2012

Philip, Corwin and Chantelle made a trimaran. It
was raced in a down wind race and a broad reach. In the broad reach
it came in first. However in the down wind race it ran into other
boats and became fouled.

Boat, “I Don’t Know Yet”, under construction.

Boat, “I Don’t Know Yet”, under construction, nearly complete.

Mermade on the bow of, “I Don’t Know Yet”.

Ralf, the captain of, “I Don’t Know Yet.”

Launching of “I Don’t Know Yet”, about 30 minutes before the race. First splash on the same day as the big race. “I Don’t Know Yet”, with small sail.

“I Don’t Know Yet”, with big sail.

“I Don’t Know Yet”, just after the start of the race on the way to a first place finish.

Sand sculpture. We didn’t do much with this one. This event came
at the end of a very long day for us. Chantelle raced the kayak,
we raced our model boat and then we did our sand sculpture. We
sculpted some cowboy boots