At Crooked Island

Date: 01 April 2012

We are at Crooked Island, next to the Bight of Acklins. It was one of my
goals for this winter to make it to this location. Then we ran into
Ruahk, a boat that has been down in this part of the world extensively.
All it took was some good weather and we made it.

Yesterday I snorkeled and speared a large lobster. My first spear
fishing. It was big enough that all of us got a decent amount of
lobster tail for dinner that night. My arms are still sore from
spearing it. Yesterday was the last day of Lobster Season in
the Bahamas.

Today we are going to move the boat down into the Bight, behind a
key called Long Island. This is because the wind is clocking and
where we are only offers protection from the east. The wind has turned
to the south during the night and I anticipate that it will continue
to clock today through the S, W, NW, N – I am concerned about NE
protection where we are going but it will be what it will be.
We will put out a double anchor and check them today. None of this
storm is supposed to be more than about 10 knots so it will not be

Our escape plans from this location is to run back to Long Island (the big
one) on one side or the other. I will determine that after getting the
weather on Monday morning.