Perfect Day

Date: 02 April 2012

Today is a perfect day. It is nearly calm, 85 degrees. We are anchored in
the Bight of Acklins. There are conchs all over and mangroves about
1/2 mile from us with lots of fish. The children are swimming around the
boat in warm watter having fun. It is 11:30 AM – I have already been
swimming twice. All of the computers (4), the iPad, the iPods (6) and
the iPhone, the electric toothbrushes and the house batteries have
reached full charge from the solar panels. We are now making water
using the power from the solar panels. Good anchorage, good fun
and beautiful location! What could be better.

Chantelle floating in air, ever sow calm.

Chantelle and Corwin swimming with one of the boat fenders.

Noon: We have already been swimming. Today for lunch is hot fresh
baked Pizza and we made home made chocolate chip cookies last night.
After lunch we will go back to the mangroves and snorkel and see
fish. I can imagine very little that would be more idyllic than
today and yesterday. The combination of one of the best beaches
in the world, a perfect anchorage, fish, fresh lobster for dinner.

3:22pm – water tanks are now completely full. R/O is awesome. We
went snorkeling in the mangroves again – lots and lots of fish.
We saw a 3′ long nurse shark along the shore. Awesome day!

Fish in the mangroves.