Off to Long Island again.

Date: 03 April 2012

We are making the trip back from Long Cay to Long Island. It is
just over 100 Miles. We will up-anchor at around 9:00pm. The
moon should be up. If the weather is as forecast it will be a down
wind run back to Long Island. There will be a 5 foot sea swell for
the first 30 or so miles, then just the following chop as we head
back. This is a day earlier than I had planned. However the weather
is clocking today – so – today is the day to leave.

Our plan is to meet up with Ruahk by Saturday at Cat Island. That is
two days of travel to the north. Hopefully that will be a overnight trip followed by a day trip.
It is 68 miles from Thompson Harbor on Long to New Bight on Cat.

We snorkeled a reef today with lots of fish. Then in the late afternoon did
our pick up and put away time to get ready to leave. All that I have left
is to check the engine and pull up the anchor.

I have a sense of completion in having come to the Bight. It was my
goal to make it this far south on our first trip to the Bahamas 4 years
ago. I have finally made it. Next trip to the Bahamas I plan on being
in a shallow draft vessel that we can take into Turtle Sound on
Crooked Island. That will be much different because the twins
will be in college and it will just be the two of us.

There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the next few months.
Two months from now we will be back in the US someplace. We need to get
the boat ready to sell and get ourselves packed up and moved to Wyoming.
This is the end of the most important chapter in my life. I have
feelings of foreboding and a sense of anticipation. I feel sad to be
leaving the boat and excited to be starting the next set of adventures.