Back at Long Island

Date: 05 April 2012

We are in Thompson Bay on Long Island. Our friends Chris and Gretchen
on Alchemy were still in the harbor so we invited them over for dinner.
We had spaghetti, fried potatoes and corn bread. Yum! After dinner we
played a game of Pinochle. Fun was had by all. I hope to catch
up with them again farther north but I don’t think that it is likely.
In 2 weeks we will be in the Abacos and in 4 weeks leaving for the
US. I suspect that we will be farther north and move faster than

Our big reason for coming back to Thompson was to get fuel. We used
58 gallons in 210 miles.

We will leave in the morning for Cat Island. It is a 78 mile trip from
this spot to our next anchorage.

4:00 PM: We have arrived at Cat Island. We called Cupcake and found that
they were only about 5 miles to the north of us. They are hiding in a small
harbor to the north for west protection. We are just going to put out a
lot of scope and ride out the current storm. It is not supposed to get
ugly until the wind turns to the north. From that direction we will be