An open letter to the Crew of Amazing Grace II

Date: 20 April 2012

To: Chantelle

To: Corwin

To: Sasha

All of you did a fine job sailing and handling the boat yesterday.
We all learned a lot. I know that we have not sailed in 30 knots
of wind before this but the boat and the crew were up to the task.
In my opinion it was a fun sail.

I know that everybody expressed some doubts as to the wisdom of going
out in that much wind. I appreciate a crew that can question the
wisdom of the captain. I also appreciate that all of you were willing
to follow after I made the decision that we were going on a brisk
day. One of the most important things that all of you learned is
that we can sail, and sail effectively, in 30 knots of wind. There
was a lot of tension at the beginning. Later in the day, after we
had been out sailing in it, everybody was relaxed and having fun.

When we sped up to pass Cupcake (They were taking pictures of us
under sail – so they also slowed down) we trimmed sails and the ride
got uncomfortable. It is good to see that we can crank
the boat up and get to the uncomfortable but fast speed. I would
like to point out to all of you that with some different sail
trim and a few degrees off of the wind we turned the uncomfortable
ride back into a really pleasant, easy, and relaxing sail.

I feel proud to be allowed to sail with such an effective and
loyal crew.