At Long Island

Date: 21 April 2012

We are at Long Island in Thompson Bay. This is actually the day that we
are leaving headed for a 2 day trip to the Crooked and Acklins Cays.
These are often referred to as the Bight of Acklins.

Our time on Long has been brief and very busy. Because of good weather
we have only spent two days at this spot. Our first day we arranged
for a car, filled up our boat with fuel via a number of dingy trips with lots of jerry
cans, and then went up to the north end of the island. We saw the
Christopher Columbus monument and had some exceptional snorkeling
in truly beautiful coral. Yesterday we went with some friends in two
cars and drove south to Dean’s blue water hole. It is the deepest
blue water hole in the world. We snorkeled and built sand castles
on the small beach at the hole. In the evening we had a pot luck
at our boat with the sailboats Cupcake and Alchemy. There were some sad partings of the
ways at the end of dinner. Cupcake is headed north to Conception,
Alchemy is staying put and checking out Long and we are headed off
to the south to the Bight.

The Bight is a truly remote location. It is unlikely that we will
see any other boats there. Getting there is not easy and not on
the way to much of anything else. We have been told by a number of
people that it has the best snorkeling and fish of anyplace in the
entire Bahamas.

One of the challenges that we face is going over a long section of
shallows that are only 5’8″ deep. We draw 6′. That means that we
need 4″ of tide to get across. That shouldn’t be much of a challenge
since the tides are running around 3′. However the tide station is in
Nassau, hundreds of miles from this location and there is some sort of a
correction for the time of the tides. We are guessing at the correction.
The combination of shallows and guess work makes me nervous.