A long time since we have posted

Date: 24 April 2012

Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve added to our blog. It seems
like a lifetime has gone by since we’ve left Andros, Bahamas. Here
it is three months later!

Highborne Cay, Exumas, Bahamas, was our first stop. We spent a
bumpy night at this anchorage. Its in the Land and Sea park, which
is an area of the Bahamas that has been set aside from being
developed. So we visited the reefs around the island and saw several
fish. We’ve noticed more Lion fish this year than last time we
were here. Lion fish are not native to the Bahamas and they are
harming other fish in the area. We don’t know how to prepare them
(they are poisonous if not handled correctly), so we’ve never eaten

A Lion Fish in the Land and Sea Park.

Three years ago we were told to get a hamburger on Norman’s Cay.
After all this time we finally made it. This is one of two restaurants
that we went to in the Bahamas. It was money well spent.

Shroud is very similar to Conception Cay. Although Conception is
prettier both on land and in the sea, Shroud is easier to get to.
It was fun running our dinghy through the mangrove swamps.

Warderick Wells It was a windy day when we decided to leave Shroud
and make it down to Cambridge (another area in the Land and Sea
Park). However, we have to go through an area that is exposed to
the open ocean. Since this meant we would be having a 6 foot ocean
swell, and current against the wind, we decided to see if we could
sneak into Warderick Wells. This is the head quarters of the Land
and Sea Park. Usually you have to call in the day before to see
if you can be here. It’s very protected and they only have mooring
balls for boats. There is no anchoring here. Well it was 11:00am

when we made our call. Our boat name says it all. They had one
more mooring ball available for us.

In the mooring field at
Warderick Wells.