In Marsh Harbor, Abacos.

Date: 30 April 2012

We are in Marsh Harbor in the Abacos riding out a storm. Our weather
router, Chris Parker, recommended that we move this far north to miss
most of the bad weather. He was spot-on. We have only seen one
squall to 25 and some rain. Farther south in Eluthra they are getting
heavy rain and squalls to 35 or more. We are protected with good
holding and having a pleasant if uneventful stay.

Marsh harbor is a city. It is not a remote, beautiful anchorage like
so many that we have had this winter. It is a good stopping off place
to get supplies and fix things. The real attraction for us at the
moment is that it provides protection and good holding. My count
yesterday had 35 boats anchored in it. Kind of crowded!

We went into the bakery and got treats and stopped at one of the
largest grocery stores in the Bahamas and purchased some lettuce
and other fresh veggies.

The rain is hard enough that we are filling our water tanks with
rain water. Other than that all that we have to do is read a book,
listen to an audio book and play games until the rain and wind

Yesterday we build a rain cover for one of our hatches so that we
can get additional air flow through the boat and not get rain
inside. We built it out of some tape, a plastic bag and two
lengths of rope. It works!

I don’t think that I have ever seen this humid a day. It is 75
degrees and 99% humidity. We have condensation on some of the
inside hatches at 75 degrees! It is really soggy!

Sasha says, “This has been the mos uneventful storm ever.” — Thanks
Chris Parker!