Manjack Cay

Date: 19 May 2012

We are at Manjack – it is a private Cay where the owners are X-Cruisers and invite cruisers
on the island. It has good protection from 3 sides and fair from the 4th.

Spring time has a new set of challenges in the Bahamas. There are afternoon thunderstorms
with significant wind and rain. The rain has filled our tanks. The wind means we need to
be extra careful with anchoring and being out in the dingy when we get a batch of icky
weather. The other challenge is mosquitoes and sand flies. If you anchor too close to shore
you get sand flies ( no-see-ums ). If it is calm at dawn or dusk you get mosquitoes.
We have screens for the mosquitoes and we can anchor far enough out to prevent the sand

Tomorrow we have a bunch of small boat maintenance items to attend to. Then hopefully
we will go off snorkeling. This may be our last day for snorkeling in the Bahamas.
After this we are off north, either by a day trip to Great Sail Cay or directly
out the passage to the north of Manjack.

Yesterday we went into Green Turtle Cay. We purchased diesel and spent the last of
our Bahamian money on junk food and some ice. We also purchased our last Diesel – filling
up all of our jerry cans. Now all we need is a batch of good weather and we go